Top 11 Essential Tools for Beauty Business Owners: The Ultimate Business Toolkit

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As someone who runs a beauty business, I understand how important it is to have the right tools for productivity and time management. These tools make my work so much easier and help me collaborate and communicate with my team more efficiently. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which ones are really worth it. That’s why I’m sharing my top 11 tools that have truly helped me grow my businesses. Whether you’re a makeup artist, esthetician, or hairstylist, these essential tools for business will boost your skills and simplify your work. From small business tools and productivity apps to free online tools, get ready to upgrade your business owner toolkit. Let’s dive into the top 11 tools I use in my beauty business.


Top 11 Best Tools for Beauty Business Owners


  1.  Google Workspace


Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, has become a crucial tool in my business, especially as my team has grown. It allows me to collaborate, meet, and schedule all in one place. An added bonus is that I could set up a custom Gmail address with my domain name, giving everyone on my team a professional email address.


  1.  Trello


Trello is a fantastic web-based application that helps me organize tasks using visual boards. It’s perfect for delegating tasks to my team and tracking progress. Each task has a comments section where we can communicate and keep track of steps needed to complete it. I use different boards for various aspects of my business, like social media planning and special promotions.


  1.  Slack


Slack is a messaging app designed for workplace communication. It’s much faster than email, allowing for instant responses. You can set up different channels for different topics, making it easy to keep conversations organized. Plus, it integrates with Trello, Google Calendar, and other apps.


  1.  Evernote


Evernote is an app for note-taking, organizing, and task management. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s great for creating and sharing notes, as well as forwarding emails into notebooks. I organize my notes into notebooks by topic, keeping everything in one place.


  1.  Gemini 2


Gemini 2 is an app that helps you find and delete duplicate files on your Mac, including photos and music. It’s been a game-changer for freeing up disk space and keeping my digital files organized.


  1.  Loom


Loom is a video recording tool that lets you create shareable videos. You can record your screen and include a preview of your face if you want. It’s perfect for documenting processes and creating training materials for your team. I wish I had this tool from the beginning – it makes delegating tasks so much easier.


  1. Adobe Acrobat Sign


Adobe Acrobat Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that replaces paper and ink signature processes with automated electronic workflows. It’s part of Adobe Document Cloud, and it’s essential for running a paperless office. You can create PDFs, sign documents, and request signatures from others. This tool helps us stay organized and efficient.


  1. Spreadsheet Applications (Numbers, Excel, Sheets)


Spreadsheet applications like Numbers, Excel, and Google Sheets are vital for creating tables and using formulas. They are especially useful for sharing and collaborating with my team on various projects.


  1. Word Processing Tools (Pages, Word, Docs)


Word processing tools such as Pages, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs allow you to create and edit documents. They also support real-time collaboration, so my team and I can work on documents together from anywhere.


  1.  QuickBooks


QuickBooks is the accounting software I use for my daily operations. It’s user-friendly and perfect for small businesses. While it does require some accounting knowledge, my accountant helps with important tasks like filings and financial statements. QuickBooks keeps my finances organized and compliant with regulations.


  1. Fujitsu Scanner


Fujitsu scanners are top-of-the-line for document imaging. I have three of these scanners – two at my office and one at home. They help me keep my documents organized by sorting, scanning, and shredding them. Starting a system like this early on is crucial for maintaining order in your business.




There you have it – my top favorite tools for running a successful beauty business! These 11 small business tools have been game-changers, boosting my productivity and improving my time management. The right tools are essential for success and can make a significant difference in how efficiently you run your business. Whether you're a seasoned beauty professional or just starting out, incorporating these tools into your routine can have a big impact. Remember, investing in yourself and your business is always worth it. Now it’s your turn to take your beauty business to the next level. 

If you have any questions, book a free call with me! You can also get a free copy of my new beauty business owner checklist to help you start your own beauty business. Don’t forget to save this article, pin it for later, and share it with your friends. Happy beautifying!