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Black Friday Budgeting: Your Guide to Smart Shopping

Black Friday, the ultimate shopping extravaganza that kicks off the holiday season, is just around the corner. It’s the day when retailers offer jaw-dropping discounts, and shoppers rush to grab the best deals. However, if you want to make the most of Black Friday without breaking the bank or accumulating credit card debt, it’s crucial to have a  well-thought-out plan. This article will discuss creating a budget for Black Friday shopping to help you shop smart and stick to your budget, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable holiday season for you and your loved ones.

Tips on How to Shop Smart on Black Friday

1) List Everyone and Everything
The first step in preparing for Black Friday is creating a comprehensive list. You want to list everyone you plan to buy gifts for, from your immediate family to friends and colleagues. Remember those small but meaningful presents for teachers, neighbors, and other important people. By doing this, you can estimate the...
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Thanksgiving Budgeting Guide: How to Start Early and Save Big

budgeting finance Oct 13, 2023
The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting cooler, and the holiday season is approaching. Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude and togetherness, is a cherished tradition for many families. While it’s a time for celebration, it’s also a time that can put a strain on your finances if you’re not careful. That’s why it's crucial to start planning your Thanksgiving budget early to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable holiday season.
In this blog post, we’ll highlight critical aspects you should consider to ensure a stress-free Thanksgiving. We will also discuss some essential tips for planning your Thanksgiving budget and how to get a head start on the preparations. So, let’s dive in!

4 Easy Ways to Have a Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving

1. Meal Planning
Determining your meal plan is one of the first steps in preparing for Thanksgiving. This Meal Planner will save you time and stress during the holidays....
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Saving Money in Business and Why

Hello there! I am so excited about this blog post because this topic is something that’s really close to my heart. It’s all about saving money in business and the best ways you can save money and maximize profits in your business. 
As a new business owner, you may think how exciting it is to finally have a business of your own and that you can now spend and buy whatever you want. Hold your horses! This is just the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. There are far more important things you have to consider, and one of them is saving money in your business.
Businesses have to be mindful of their finances to stay in operation. One of the most important ways to keep a business's finances healthy is to practice good money management. There are a few useful strategies to help businesses save money, such as budgeting and utilizing technology to automate tasks.

Why is saving money in business important?


Saving money in business is...
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The 3 Crucial Numbers to Know Before Budgeting

budgeting finance Oct 11, 2023
Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about money, where you call the shots on where every dollar goes, and where you confidently navigate the road to financial freedom. Well, it's not just a dream; it's an achievable reality. In this post, we'll explain the secrets of success in budgeting and how these three essential numbers can help you change your financial situation.
Are you considering starting a budget but feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to begin? Well, you’re not alone. Budgeting can be daunting, especially if you are new to it. But fear not because today, we will break it down for you. The key to successful budgeting is understanding and managing three critical numbers: income, expenses, and debt.

1. Know Your Income

Your journey towards financial stability begins with a clear understanding of your income. Income doesn’t just refer to your regular paycheck; it encompasses every source of money coming your way. This includes...
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Understanding the Difference between Fixed and Variable Expenses in Budgeting

An Empowered Approach to Financial Success

Transform Your Business with Budgeting: Understand and Manage Fixed and Variable Expenses 

Every entrepreneurial journey is unique, intricately woven with aspirations, ideas, and determination. 

As you begin on this exciting venture, the importance of economic management and understanding key fiscal concepts, such as fixed and variable expenses, quickly becomes clear.

These financial parameters play a significant role in shaping the business's financial trajectory and understanding them becomes a stepping stone to achieving financial stability and success.

The Importance of Budgeting for Financial Success

Just as a compass is essential for a ship's voyage, budgeting is a critical navigational tool for your business. 

It serves as a financial map, offering clear and concise guidelines to maintain a healthy financial trajectory and ensure long-term viability. 

This economic blueprint significantly relies on understanding...

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5 Tips for Women on How to Take Control of Their Finances

finance Oct 11, 2023


Women and Financial Mastery

In the 21st century, women shatter glass ceilings, storm boardrooms and stand at the forefront of change, influence, and growth. 

Despite these tremendous strides, there remains an area where women are notably underrepresented - financial literacy. 

Financial understanding is a cornerstone of independence, affecting all aspects of our lives, from the microcosm of daily purchases to significant decisions like buying a house or starting a business.

Imagine a scenario in which Jane, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, recently started her bakery.

From sourcing ingredients to creating an inviting ambiance, she has managed it all.

However, a successful business doesn't merely hinge on delicious pastries. 

It depends on robust financial planning, efficient capital management, and a sound understanding of cash flows.

Navigating this intricate financial maze can be challenging, and this is where Candice Montgomery LLC...

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3 Powerful Tips for Planning Your Finances Around Your Calendar

debt free finance Oct 11, 2023


Financial planning is fundamental to personal and professional success, allowing individuals to control their finances and make informed money decisions. By carefully managing income, expenses, and investments, financial planning enables us to achieve our goals, whether buying a home, saving for retirement or pursuing our passions.

This blog post will explore planning finances around your calendar, which provides a structured approach to better organization and control. By aligning financial activities with specific dates and events on your calendar, you can stay on track and properly manage your financial responsibilities.

Powerful Tips for Planning Your Finances

Planning your finances is crucial to achieving financial stability and securing a prosperous future. It involves strategic decision-making, budgeting, and setting goals to manage your money effectively. By implementing powerful tips and strategies, you can take control of your finances, reduce financial stress,...

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Cash Envelopes : The What and Why

How many times have you gone to the grocery store planning to spend $150 and you walk out spending $300 and wondering what the heck? Or with eating out? These are two of the biggest categories Americans overspend on. So what do we do? How do we control this spending?


Did you know the first credit card was established 1958 but it took till 1980 for them to begin taking over and since then a social revolution has begun. This revolution has taken Americans away from saving and pushing to spend! What did people use before debit and credit cards? Ask your grandparents or your great grandparents: CASH!


According to Avni M. Shah, an assistant marketing professor, paying with cash is more painful than paying with cards. Why? Because with cash, you are manually handing the check out person your money and seeing it disappear before your eyes.


Because of this fact, cash envelopes were introduced!


If you prefer to watch videos rather than read: click here!


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How to Become Debt Free: My Personal Tips and Advice for Debt Free Living


What is it like to be debt free? I’m sharing my own journey on how I became debt free and how it totally changed me and my family’s life.

In 1996, we started our first business. I was 22 and my husband was 24. My husband and I were both working full-time and part-time in our business. In 1999, my husband left working for someone else and went full-time in our business. When our daughter turned 11 months old in 2000, I left my full-time corporate job. I remember telling my husband we had to be on a strict budget. But the truth was, I really didn't know how to budget. I would only pay us what we needed to pay our monthly bills and whenever I started with the budget I would pull all the bills out and then I would pay us, but at the end of the month we would always be short. I couldn't figure out why we were always short.

It wasn’t until 2015, that I learned how to budget. In 2012, I started hearing about “Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace”...

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3 Tips for Starting a Personal Budget


Are you wondering how you are going to pay your bills? Has the thought crossed your mind if you have enough to DoorDash supper or if you need to eat at home? Or even the scary thought, if you will be able to have enough to make it to your next payday? Or are you making enough but you have no idea where your money is going each month? If any of these apply to you, than you need a budget!


Before I get any farther, a budget does not mean you are poor. It does not mean you are dumb or stupid. A famous person once said, "A budget is more than just a series of numbers on a page; it is an embodiment of our values.” Budgeting creates and gives you freedom!


If you are ready to start a budget, then keep reading! I have listed below the first three things to do when you are ready to start a personal budget! And if you have a business budget - I would encourage you to start with your personal budget and then transferring what you learn over to your business!



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