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What to Look for in a Business Coach


It's your business bestie back again with some more advice!

Today’s advice is all about business coaches!

Or if a business coach seems scary to you we can go with a business educator!

Either name you call him/her, it can be scary if you are looking for somebody to help.

How do I know this person will actually help me and not just take my money?

I was in your shoes not too long ago.

Today, I want to share the best qualities to look for in a business coach/educator before you hire them!


A business coach is somebody who will assist and guide the business owner in running a business by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals (Source: The Alternative Board).



I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. And the best thing I’ve learned from all those years is to have an accountability partner! Having an...

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Start Driving Traffic To Your Website

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website? You’re not alone. Every business owner  wants to attract more visitors and make their online presence more successful. 
There are many ways to drive traffic to your website and it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. But you have to consider the right strategies and tactics before you can start getting more visitors to your website and ultimately increase your conversions. 

Here are 7 Effective Strategies to Help You Drive Traffic To Your Website:


         1.Optimize Your Website for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important factor in driving organic traffic to your website. Make sure to include relevant keywords that your target audience is likely to search for, as well as optimize your titles, meta descriptions, and headings for the best search engine performance. This will help your website rank higher in search engine results,...
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Mompreneur Tips and Tricks

“There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother.” - Sara Josepha Hale
"There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a great one." - Jill Churchill
Before I even start this, I want to say "YOU ROCK!!". Literally.
Hi! My name is Savannah - I am a Virtual Assistant for Candice Montgomery LLC, a wife for almost 4 years, a first time mom to the happiest craziest 4 month old, run a one woman wholesale stationery company, and have a podcast with my best friend! You could say the day can get kinda crazy! Today, I am going to share my 4 tips that have helped me survive and sometimes thrive the past four months!
Also, please know - I do not do these tips perfectly or every week! I am not a perfect mom and there should not be any pressure to be a perfect mom!
Being a mompreneur is an incredibly rewarding journey, but it can also be a challenging one. Having to balance the demands of motherhood while running a...
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3 Things to Know Before Starting a Business


Most of y’all know, I have been a business owner for 20+ years. A lot has changed since my husband and I first started our business: marketing via social media, having an online website, making connections via online not in person, etc! But at the same time, several things have not changed. That's why today I am going to share about three things I wish I had known before starting a business - and these three things still hold true 20+ years later and will hold true forever. 

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business



  • Things will not go as planned, it is okay.


As a new business owner it is very likely that you will make a list of goals or make your own plans for your business. These will serve as a guide for your business to be successful. But what happens if what you’ve planned fails or worse never comes to fruition? Do you just give up all your hopes and dreams for your business? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is perfectly...

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